Real Time Mobile Options Flow

TitanFlow at your fingertips will help you start making successful trades. Get actionable, real-time alerts, and start making informed decisions on how, when, and where to invest.

Order Flow Matters.

Aggressive Orders

TitanFlow’s Aggressive flow algorithm identifies leveraged short term trades, indicating anticipation in volatility. Aggressive flow is a calculated tool used by smart money for their most confident positions.

Confirm Your Trade Ideas

Add a layer of confidence to your trade ideas with a 7 day historical search report. Discover smart money’s recent trades on your favorite stocks and identify correlation between your trading sentiment and theirs.

Follow Market Trends

TitanFlow’s trending contract algorithm detects options contracts in high demand. Set alerts and get notified when smart money executes a string of multiple trades on the same contract.

Analyze Market Catalysts

Smart Money often has inside connections on market catalysts such as earnings and economic data. Gain insight into the direction of these significant events by analyzing large trades to add a layer of context to your decision making.

Discover Smart Money's Sentiment

TitanFlow’s sentiment algorithms provide the context traders need to identify smart money’s intention behind every trade.

Unlock Private Equity Trades

TitanFlow’s Darkpool algorithms bring smart money’s largest private equity transactions to light.

Discover Options Flow

Trades Come to You

Personalized Flow Feed

TitanFlow observes what institutional traders are trading and presents data that traders of all levels can understand.

The real-time options order flow intelligently analyzes data to cut through the noise and reveals the highest sentiment trades, unusual options movements, and Smart Money positions.

TitanFlow uses a robust algorithm that identifies high conviction trades in the market that enable retail traders to make better decisions.

Set your preferences and get alerts in real-time on your phone, so you no longer have to spend hours scrounging for data or maintain complex spreadsheets.

TitanFlow is the number one tool to help you get an edge as an active trader.

Hidden Hedge Fund Orders

Darkpool Prints

Smart money keeps retail traders in the dark on their largest equity trades through private exchanges known as Darkpools.

Due to their massive size, Darkpool trades often act as significant technical price levels.

TitanFlow's Darkpool page allows you to see both pre-market and post-market hidden transactions, as well as signature prints.

Test Any Trading Strategy

Historical Search

TitanFlow’s historical search provides options traders with the ability to become the best version of themself by studying how smart money successfully executed options trades in the past.

Historical search also allows traders to build trade ideas by highlighting smart money’s recent trends.


I recently installed TitanFlow and so far it has been just amazing. The app makes it super easy for me to find options plays, and shows me the overall market sentiment/what’s being traded most. I receive push notifications when certain contracts are traded which has been very helpful for me.

Just downloaded the app the other day, just from my brief interaction, I have to say this app really simplifies all the complicated data and helps beginners like me understand what options I want to look at and helps me make make more informed decisions.

I began using this app since it was in beta and still use it to this day. It has been amazing seeing the app grow and cater to the traders’ needs. The app provides all the information a trader would need and you can even set you own filters and/or alerts to suit your trading style. The TitanFlow team (both the developers and traders) are highly knowledgeable and I can’t thank them enough for how they’ve helped out their members!